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REVISION PLAN - With ever increasing demand for resources aimed at an individual's ability, the Revision Plan software enables an organisation to coordinate, compile, create and distribute individual Revision Plans for every student in a fully automated manner.

".. The Revision Plans have had a clear impact on really focusing pupils on what needs to be learnt and they have also helped pupils to prioritise their revision. Parental feedback has been very positive and has helped to strengthen the home/school partnership. .." - S Guscott - Assistant Head Teaching and Learning - St James' Catholic High School : www.stjamescatholichighschool.org.uk
The Revision Plan subscription product enables an organisation to automatically ensure that every student receives a personalised structured Revision Plan, aimed at the subject exams that they are taking, and the students ability within each subject.The Revision Plan document itself starts with a summary timetable of exams relevant for the student, and thereafter a comprehensive schedule of daily tasks to be completed. Each task will have been aimed specifically at the student's ability, and can contain detailed information including pictures, links to resources etc.
  • Revision Plan enables organisations to create personalised learning plans for pupils of all ability levels
  • Teachers can create differentiated tasks then allocate them to pupils based on target grades or prior attainment
  • Plans can be used to effectively support Pupil Premium students with their exam preparation through supervised revision sessions
  • Revision Plan emphasises the importance of exam preparation, particularly when the weighting of controlled assessment is reduced
  • Plans help pupils to manage their workload and prioritise revision in all subject areas ensuring progress is consistent across all exams
  • Strengthen the home / school partnership by providing parents with a copy to support and monitor their child's revision
  • To ensure that a student is well aware of any impending exam, there will always be a summary task or reminder on the revision day prior to the exam, where the following exam day itself is clearly highlighted. Amongst the daily blocks of tasks, there is the ability to set holiday dates and days-off where the students are able to take a break from their revision timetableTo fully oversee the student's progress, the subject teachers are able to view the various days in which all students are covering their individual tasks, enabling summary sessions to keep students on-track. The resulting batch of individual Revision Plan documents (.docx or .pdf) can be accessed on-line, automatically emailed to students and/or parents, or downloaded within a structured compressed zip file for batch printing and distribution.
    More than 2,300 individuals have used the 'cut-down' Student FREE Revision Plan version to date, where they have diligently created the tasks and set out a well defined structure of revision for themselves. Although a great testament to the drive of these inidividuals, typically others may require the management of an organisation to provide appropriate content with support and a coordinated approach.

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